OSU Forest Science Center - Sustainable Building

Oregon State University has begun the expansion of its College of Forestry facilities on the Corvallis campus.  Two new buildings will replace Peavy Hall to create the Forest Science Complex.  The Complex will include a new, 4‑story, 90,000 SF classroom and office building (Peavy Building) constructed with engineered wood products, and the new 18,000 SF A.A. “Red” Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Lab for testing and developing new engineered wood products.  The A.A. “Red” Emmerson Lab will be home to the National Center for Advanced Wood Products Manufacturing and Design, a collaboration of architecture, wood science, and engineering programs driven to innovate sustainable building components in Oregon.

In keeping with OSU’s goals for sustainability, construction of the new Forest Science Center was developed with recommendations to support Resource-Sensitive Engineering.  The demolition of Peavy Hall generated tons of debris and left a large, ±12‑foot deep hole in the ground that would require filling with structural fill to support a portion of the new Peavy Building.  Foundation Engineering, in consultation with the design team and contractor, developed a plan to leave portions of the existing basement slab and walls in‑place, and process and re-use thousands of tons of concrete as on-site fill.  Our firm developed gradation recommendations for processing and a performance specification for placement and compaction, and we are currently providing construction support and observations services for the project.  The processing and re-use kept approximately 2,500 tons (±1,400 yd3) of concrete out of local landfills.