Port   of Siuslaw Infrastructure Improvements |   Florence  , Oregon

Port of Siuslaw Infrastructure Improvements | Florence, Oregon

DESCRIPTION:  The Port of Siuslaw completed infrastructure improvements in 2013 on the Old Town Wharf in Florence, Oregon.  The improvements included removing the existing ±700‑foot long, wooden floating dock and replacing it with an 8 to 10‑foot wide by 780‑foot long, concrete floating dock.  The dock is held in place with steel pipe piles.  A 5-foot wide by 80‑foot long, pile-supported aluminum walkway and gangway were also constructed west of Moe’s Restaurant to access the new dock.  The project also included rehabilitating the wharf to replace the hoist equipment. 

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering completed the geotechnical investigation for the project.  Our scope of work included drilling two ±60-foot exploratory borings near the wharf, laboratory testing, engineering analyses, and development of design and construction recommendations for the pile foundations.  The piles extend several feet above the mudline to support the new floating structure and the gangway.  We worked closely with the structural designers to evaluate lateral deflection criteria for the piling.