Foundation Engineering is comprised of an elite team of professionals with the highest personal standards and dedication to develop cost-effective solutions for a variety of earthwork projects and earth-supported structures.

We add value to each project with our commitment to the following:

  • We assemble the right experts to meet our clients' needs and see the projects through to successful completion.
  • We listen to and understand our clients' concerns and goals, thus never assuming project objectives or available financial resources.  We effectively communicate so our clients understand our findings, design options and corresponding project costs.
  • We consider the entire project from investigation and design, through construction and long-term performance.  Our greatest contribution to our clients is extensive foresight founded on experience.
  • We provide the best possible project experience for our clients, focusing on communication and consideration, so projects run smoothly and predictably.
  • We are on-time and on-budget, while maintaining our project approach and commitments.

Our philosophy has allowed us to serve an expanding client base through a steady reputation for genuine commitment, open communication, and reliable expertise.


Deliver exemplary service through attentiveness, communication, thought, and execution that exceeds the expectations of our clients, and develop client trust as a foundation to building and sustaining long-term relationships.

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