North Bend Waterfront (Harbor Avenue) Elevated Pier |   North Bend  , Oregon

North Bend Waterfront (Harbor Avenue) Elevated Pier | North Bend, Oregon

DESCRIPTION:  The City of North Bend completed improvements to revitalize its historic waterfront district.  The improvements included constructing a new ±700‑foot long, ±16‑foot wide, 14-span elevated pier and sidewalks providing a north‑south path on Harbor Avenue between Virginia Avenue and California Avenue.  The pile-supported pier accommodates predominantly pedestrian and bicycle traffic. 

SERVICE:  Our work scope included drilling four exploratory borings extending to depths of ±100 to 135 feet, completing laboratory testing and analysis, and providing foundation recommendations.  The site is underlain by a deep deposit of compressible fine-grained soil and loose sand that is potentially susceptible to liquefaction and lateral spread during a moderate to large magnitude earthquake.  Based on the thickness and extent of the liquefiable soils and the proposed use of the structure, it was determined mitigating the seismic hazard would not be cost‑effective or practical.  Therefore, ODOT granted an exception for seismic design.