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Brooke Running, R.G., C.E.G., L.G., L.E.G    

Corvallis and Beaverton                      

Registered Geologist:  Oregon
Certified Engineering Geologist:  Oregon
Licensed Geologist: Washington
Licensed Engineering Geologist: Washington

BS Geology, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
MS Geology, Portland State University

Brooke joined Foundation Engineering in 1998 following the completion of her MS degree that focused on Quaternary Geology in Seaside, Oregon.  Initially, Brooke was hired to manage the soils testing laboratory and to create a larger, out-of-company client base.  Following an increased demand for a project geologist, Brooke transitioned out of her position in 1999.  This change allowed Brooke to pursue geology and perform geotechnical explorations including exploratory drilling and wire-line coring logging, instrumentation installation and monitoring, landslide mapping, and reconnaissance geologic mapping. 

Over the past 17 years, Brooke has completed a explorations for a variety of geotechnical projects.  Her geologic work includes background reviews and literature searches, compiling technical information, developing subsurface exploration plans that often include difficult or remote access, created work and safety plans, and assisting subcontractors to develop traffic control plans.  She has successively completed applications for local, state and/or federal permits. 

Brooke is responsible for the review of soil and rock descriptions, preparation and peer review of final boring and test pit logs and the preparation of geologic cross‑sections.  Brooke also co-authors reports focusing on subsurface conditions, geology and faulting and site-specific seismic hazard studies.  Brooke is Foundation Engineering's Project Geologist for the Corvallis and Beaverton offices.  

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