Lexington Airport Runway 8-26 Improvements

Rehabilitation of Runway 8-26 is planned at the Lexington Airport.  The site is located ±1/4 mile north of the City of Lexington in Morrow County, Oregon.  Several rehabilitation options are being considered including:

  • Complete reconstruction of the runway pavement.
  • Seal and repair of cracks, followed by a pavement overlay.
  • Grinding off the existing asphaltic concrete (AC) and repaving over the existing base and subbase.
  • Pulverizing the entire pavement section (including AC and base), adding some new base material, and repaving.

Foundation Engineering was retained to perform the required subsurface investigation, conduct laboratory testing, and provide recommendations for subgrade.  Ten pavement cores and six exploratory test pits were completed to maximum depths of ±5 feet.  Based on the subsurface investigation, Foundation Engineering provided a discussion of each of the possible rehabilitation options and the geotechnical considerations associated with each option.